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Commission From Chad Thomas: Break Man and Quint by Bassiroth Commission From Chad Thomas: Break Man and Quint by Bassiroth
While I was at the Dallas Comic Con, Laura and I got to meet Chad Thomas, one of the Pencilers for Archie Comics. He worked on Issue 17 (Proto Man's origins) and the Time Keeps Slipping arc. He was a cool guy, and Laura and I got to meet and talk with him every day during the convention. He mentioned he loved drawing Proto Man, and I hope he gets a chance to work on a Proto Man arc next time he's the penciler for the Mega Man comic.

I have received his permission personally while at Dallas Comic Con to post this on my DA account to share with yall. Chad's DA is :iconchadat:

I asked/commissioned him for a picture of Break Man first ($40) but as there would be an extra $10 for each additional character...I picked Quint for fun. That and because we don't see much of Proto Man's "Break Man" form after MM3. Come on, the additional faceplate is cool. You gotta admit that.

The sheet was a little bit bigger than my scanner, but not too much is cut out luckily enough.
KidBobobo Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dr. Light's boys have gone rogue. I wonder what Evil Roll would look like.
rjmoore Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014
Imagine if the Archie Comics actually did that where Wily went to the future and not only grabbed Rock and turned him into Quint,but also grabbed Blues and turned him into BreakMan again.Challanging Rock and Blues in the past.Wouldn't that be cool.
Bassiroth Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014
Wouldn't be too bad of an idea, yeah.
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